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Written by jones

I’m 30!

Ryan wrote this list when he turned 29, and I think it’s fitting to share it now.

Here are 30 things Ryan and I have learned in 30 years on this planet. 

1. Start your day off with a walk

A 20min walk, a 10min jog, a short workout, anything to get the blood flow going. Have you ever woken up and stayed inside all day trying to get things done? You feel lazy, unmotivated, and your brain seems cloudy. I’ve always found doing a little activity before attempting to do a task I need to concentrate on helps A LOT. 

With us all on lock-down and only allowed one exercise a day outside, it’s even more important to make the most of this time. 

2. Have empathy, always

Everyone is going through some kind of S***. We all fight our inner demons, so let’s have compassion for others when we interact. Try and be forgiving as much as possible and always look at it from their side of things too. We need this more than ever right now. 

3. Set a huge goal

Lots of people talk about being realistic and setting smaller goals. While smaller goals are essential, I’ve always found having that guiding star of a main super goal helps me. With the goal set, I know the direction I’m going, and I’m moving towards it. The paths along the way will vary. Don’t be too realistic with your goals; aim big! Research shows it’s more effective to set huge goals and reach for the stars. 

4. Fitness is the number 1 cure for the mind 

Your mind can run away from you at any time. You may go through a breakup, feel down looking at Instagram, or life is hard for you at the moment. No amounts of thinking make this better. Get up and workout. Get your body in better shape, focus on building your mind and muscle. What this does for us is unimaginable.

5. Trust your gut.

Sometimes it tells you to go to with the weirdest decision, trust it.

6. Eat for function 80% of the time and joy 20% of the time.

7. Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react

You’re never going to stop negative things or people talking nonsense of trying to bring you down. You can control how you react, and that is everything. How we respond to this crisis is crucial. Over 400,000 people have volunteered to help the NHS over the last few days, and that’s amazing. Thank you all. Ask yourself, “what can I do to support the people in need during this time?”

8. Read More Immediately. 

Go and read autobiographies from people that inspire you. We live in an age where we can absorb the knowledge that someone has gathered over a lifetime in a few days.

Think about how crazy that is!

Take advantage of all this access.

We now have more time at home to do this, time to level up! 

9. Try and live in the moment.

When you’re somewhere beautiful or with a group of friends enjoying, try and take it all in and live in the moment. Appreciate it.

Don’t try and think of later or before or plans next week. 

10. Consistency beats everything

You must understand that 20 mins a day for 1 year is better than on and off training for 1 hour every other week. This applies to fitness, work, relationships etc

11. “This too shall pass”

Humans are amazing, we can get over anything with time. We get over death, a r’ ship, divorce, etc. It’s not to say we forget, and we don’t get sad over it, but we do move on. Remember that the next time you go through a bad period, it will get better. 

This is highly relevant now; we must endure these times, and I’m positive things will get better in the future. 

12. Lift heavy stuff

Lifting weights helps us strengthen our body, mind, and soul. When your body becomes stronger, so does your mind, so does your resolve, and so do you.

13. Meal prep is 90% of the battle when it comes to nutrition.

If you can prep 50-75% of your meals each day, you’ll find it a lot easier to lead a healthier life.

14. Turn notifications off on your phone

The buzz of our phones dictates our actions. Turn this off and you take back control of your time and when you check your phone.

15. Focus on yourself more than your job

Self-education pays back a lot more than working your life away for a job that doesn’t care about you. Work on yourself, your skills, your value.

16. Say “no” more

if you know me personally, you’ll know I say no to a lot of things these days. People often steal your time and you let it happen so . Be more selfish with your time

17. Focus more on the people that matter

On the flip side, put more time and effort into the people that matter in your life. We often try and force old friendships to say alive or help others who don’t want help. Give your time to the ones in your lives that matter – close friends, family, partner etc.

18. Track track track

You should track what you eat, your finances, reading, time spent on your phone etc.

Tracking enables us to become self-aware in each area that we track.

Tracking enables us to measure, and the only way to understand something is to measure something. From measurement comes accurate changes that lead to positive outcomes.

By measuring and tracking, we control things, without control over areas such as food and finances, we will often find ourselves in trouble.

19. Most fitness advice is fake news

Stick to the fundamentals and what works. This saves you a lot of mental energy.

20. Don’t look at your phone or emails for at least 2 hours after waking up

We only have so much mental energy. When we wake up, use that energy to do better tasks.

21. Stop making up excuses

a lot of us are super soft these days. We moan about everything, complain about the world and act like victims. Never has it been better to be alive for humans. We have everything we need, unlimited knowledge and we still moan. Stop making up excuses.

We all must apply more gratitude to our lives. I think many of us will realise this once this virus passes how we took all we had living in 1st world country for granted! 

22. Motivation can’t be relied on

A question most people have is “how do I stay motivated?”. YOU DON’T. It’s easy to do things when you’re motivated. We must have systems in place. Habits we follow that get us closer to our goal. And guess what…when we start making progress motivation comes and builds momentum. Don’t rely on motivation.

23. We all need help

there is no way we are doing everything in life alone. We need help whether that’s fitness, health, work, relationships, friendships etc.

If we work together, it makes it easier and more enjoyable.

24. We must endure times alone

On the flip side, we must be able to spend time alone without our phones. If you can’t spend 15min alone, how do you expect to get through life?

Learn to enjoy your own company. Understand that you will have to put a lot of work in, in the shadows if you want to hit your goals

25. Compromise

Learn to do this. If you can’t compromise, you’re bulldozing through life and guess what? You won’t always be right, and this alienates people.

26. Talk last

most people don’t have 2-way conversations anymore. They don’t listen and talk, then wait for you to stop talking to get their point in immediately. Learn to listen, talk last when you’re asking for advice or at work. You’ll be far more likable, and you’ll learn more.

27. Ego is the enemy

We all like to feel good about ourselves. Sometimes when we are on a roll the ego builds. If you start making money you might get an ego. Well, it’s the enemy. The ego will ruin you. Everything can change in a split second, don’t take it for granted. If you rise, always keep your feet on the ground. Don’t think you’re better than others; we are all human.

28. We are nothing

Don’t take this the wrong way, but we are nothing. In the scale of the universe, we are a spec. Nobody actually cares if you go out there, create a business and fail. Nobody cares if you go up to that guy/girl and ask them out and it fails. Nobody cares if you try something new, and it doesn’t work out. We are a spec in time, realise this. Try things, go big, don’t let such a minuscule fear stop you. We all have this imaginary audience syndrome where people are always looking at us etc. They aren’t! Live your life; don’t be paralyzed for other people’s opinions of you. Ever wondered how THAT guy or girl go so successful? Sometimes it isn’t about skill; it’s they had the guts to try more things than you.

29. Memento Mori

remember you will die. Take this as a way to vitalise your day. Get up, do things, do more. One day we will be gone; don’t waste another second, not living the life you want to live.

30. Amor Fati 

Love your fate. Everything happens for a reason, yes? Maybe not. But, the point is, why not think it does? There’s a story about Thomas Edison when his lab with 30+ years of research went up in flames. His son rushed to get him and as he stood there he told his son to go and get his wife. His son asked, “Why?” and his reply, “You’re never going to see another fire quite like this”. He accepted his fate. He understood that this has happened to him for a reason, and guess what? He went on to recreate more experiments and make even more money from his inventions.

When we get bad news, look at it from the standpoint that this has happened for a reason and that there’s a lesson to learn from it.

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