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5 Ways To Get Over FOMO

Written by scott flear

FOMO is something the majority of us suffer from most weekends!

Here are my top 5 tips on how to reduce the effect of FOMO or get over it completely!

  1. There will ALWAYS be more nights out and drinking to be had but not always spare time to focus on yourself. Having time alone can be very beneficial as it gives us a chance to think about what WE want and practice some mindfulness.

  2. GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA – seriously. Scrolling Instagram and Facebook endlessly will drive you insane. Indulge in your favourite TV show or book, get your mind off social media as all you will see it people “living their best life”.

  3. Commit to something worthwhile the next morning that deserves your full attention (with no hangover!). This could be a walk with your friends/family or a spot of brunch. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you’re going to be looking forward to!

  4. Pick an early night over a late one! The benefits of sleep are amazing! You work hard all week so why not enjoy a long sleep so you feel energised for the rest of your weekend? That sounds great to me!

  5. Live in the present moment. Unless what you’re missing out on is a “HELL YEAH” then why waste time and money going out if your heart isn’t in it? Who are you doing it for? Certainly not yourself.

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— Louise

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