The 5-week Trtle dance challenge🕺💃🏽

You'll learn how to dance and build a healthy sustainable lifestyle in just 5 weeks. Challenge Starts August 9th

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Challenge Overview 💃🏽

This challenge in a nutshell:

  • 7 live dance sessions per week
  • Weekly stress management Q&A
  • Weekly Nutrition & Training Q&A
  • Weekly Mindset Q&A
  • Weekly mental health and weekly planning session
  • 8 weeks access to our brand new macros app (more on this below)

Always wanted to learn to dance?

Do you want to improve your strength, flexibility, cognition, and balance?

How about improving your body composition at the same time?

This challenge is definitely for you.

We have 7 live dance sessions per week from brilliant instructors. (check below for full timetable)

At Trtle we don’t recommend focusing on exercises just to “burn fat”; instead, your exercise choice should be something you enjoy that improves your physical markers like strength, power, flexibility, and balance.

Don’t worry about how many calories are burned; focus on enjoying the exercise and let your nutrition take care of the rest.

*Everything is recorded so you can watch back at any time.

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The Challenge Timetable 🕰️

Download the timetable here

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Okay but why dancing? Is it beneficial? Here's what the research says: 📋

In a meta-analysis of 18 dance studies, here’s what they found:

1) Flexibility60% of the studies showed significant positive results

2) Muscular strength and endurance measures82% of the studies showed significant positive results

3) Balance89% of the studies showed significant positive results

4) Cardiovascular endurance100% of the studies showed significant positive results

5) Cognitive function80% of the studies showed significant positive results

6) Body composition— studies showed no change

The studies were done on a wide variety of dancing styles; no one style was superior.

This study tells us that dancing has significant positive impacts on our mind and body, but no change to our body fat %.

No changes in body fat are no surprise to us (we explain why below)


Study: PMC5491389

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If dancing doesn't help with body fat, what does? 📉 Our New Macros App!

You’ve heard the adage, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”, and it’s true.

The training itself isn’t a great indicator of fat loss, and don’t be fooled by people that tell you otherwise.

However, we have a solution:

For this 5 week challenge, we’ll be giving you 8 weeks of access to our new macros app.

This app is a food tracker and 24/7 personal coach all in one powered by our unique “smart” algorithm.

Think MyFitnessPal without all the clunky and confusing features powered by a smart nutrition coach making changes for you, automatically upon check-ins.

No more thinking “Am I doing the right thing? Is this working?”.

Use the app to scan foods and add your data and every week; you’ll check in and get changes when necessary.

The app lets you scan and search for foods with a 1m+ verified food database. You’ll add other pieces of data and complete weekly check-ins to see if you need your macros changed or not.

This app is the brainchild of over 30,000 manual nutrition check-ins over the last 3 years. It’s “learned” from all of those datasets, which means it’s the smartest nutrition app on the block. Trust it, and it will make changes to your macros as soon as it spots it needs to.

And if you don’t want to lose weight, that’s fine. The app has options for maintenance and weight gain phases.

Whilst you’re enjoying your dancing and learning new skills, the app does all the heavy lifting for you for less than 3 minutes of usage per day.

Macros App Demo 

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Here's what the app can do for you 📱

1) Tracks your menstrual cycle, which impacts when and what changes the app makes for you.

2) Tracks your stress, measurements, weight, steps, emotional and physical health and more.

3) You can create custom recipes and foods

4) You can copy over meals from previous days, making it super quick and easy to use

5) Want more macros on one day, and less on another? Our macros planner makes that ridiculously easy.

Ryan’s favourite new feature of our new app – the planner!

6) The app gives you an overview of your weekly averages, so you know at a glance how your week is going

7) You can adjust your macros to giving you more/fewer carbs/fats to suit your lifestyle. The app will automatically make sure your calories remain the same. No more manually working this out.


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The Weekly Q&As with experts 🧠

Good information isn’t enough, it needs to come with expert-led support.

That’s why with this challenge you’ll have a weekly Q&A session with our experts:

  • Master nutrition with Ph.D. Paul Rimmer (learn all you need about nutrition from a world-leading expert so you can stop the information overload from the media that’s confusing)
  • Learn everything you need to know about training with Ryan Libbey (so you can make sure you’re doing things the right way)
  • Control your stress with practical advice from expert Hugh Gilmore (if stress isn’t managed it can leak into other areas of your life and cause havoc)
  • Support your mental health with mental health nurse Ryan Williams (and get help planning your week so you can build habits that help you for life)
  • Learn all about imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, negative self-talk and more with mindset expert Dean Leak

You can ask questions prior to the sessions or during them on or off-camera.

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How much does this challenge cost? 💷

Just a one-off cost of £59!

That’s £11.80 a week.

Or £1.68 a day.

For the cost of 1 London cocktail per week, you’ll learn to dance the night away with poise and elegance whilst getting learner, fitter, and stronger.

We can’t think of a better challenge to get into during this summer.

Doors close on August 8th!

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Reviews from some of our trtle members. Our challenges are when the community really comes together. This one will be no different ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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🤔 FAQs

🤷 How many dance sessions are there per week?

7 live sessions per week!

🤷 What if I can't make them live?

Everything is recorded and you'll have lifetime access to the sessions

🤷 Is the app like MyFitnessPal?

Our app does everything MFP whilst also being your own personal smart coach. MFP doesn't make changes to your macros based on your data, you have to do it yourself. Our app with our unique check-in process will change your macros when it sees fit. This means you don't need to worry if you're on track or not, the app will tell you

🤷 How much is the app after the 8 weeks is over?

The app is £9.99 per month but you have 8 weeks free access included with this challenge

🤷 What are macros?

Macros is short for macronutrients which are protein, carbs and fats. Focusing on hitting your macros instead of only calories has many benefits such as making sure you're eating enough protein for satiety and recovery. Tracking our carbs helps us understand our bodies better and how we react to more/fewer carbs and carbs gives us energy. Eating enough fat is also very important for hormonal processes. So whilst macros contain calories, you get the added benefit of optimising other health markers when tracking macros. Our app helps you do this for less than 3 minutes usage a day.

🤷 What are the Q&As about?

Our Q&As on nutrition, training, mindset, stress and mental health are "drop-in" sessions done over zoom. These sessions have been an integral part of our members success stories and we suggest you do as many of them as you can. At Trtle we look at the bigger picture. It's not all about fitness or weight loss, we want to help you live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

🤷 Where will everything be hosted?

In a private Facebook Group. If you don't have FB you can create a dummy account just to get access

🤷 I'm a total beginner to macros and dancing, is this for me?

The dance classes can be done by anyone, we've made sure of that. The macros app has been simplified so that anyone can use it and get started. We are on hand to offer 7 days a week support too. Everyone has to start from somewhere and this challenge is for all experience levels.

🤷 Who are the dance instructors?

Our instructors have decades of experience between them. They've run classes at 1rebel and other high-end fitness studios along with performing on big stages to large audiences. They have the experience to help all of you learn how to dance and get fit whilst doing so.

🤷 I just want to lose weight, is this for me?

Absolutely! Our macros app will take care of that element, use the dance sessions to focus on things other than weight loss. It's all about nutrition when it comes to weight loss and we don't believe in hardcore diets or extremes. The app works with your preferences and no foods are off the table. You'll also have weekly sessions with PhD Paul Rimmer who is head of nutrition at Trtle. You're in the best hands when it comes to sustainable weight loss

🤷 Will I have access to the classes and q&as after the challenge finishes?

Yes, you get lifetime access to all the content from the challenge

🤷 What other support is there?

We also do daily voice notes that are 5-12 minutes long to keep you on track and accountable!

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