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Combine a solid workout plan and the correct macros per day and you're on the way to transforming your life.

81% members lost weight following our macros plan
1/2 members lost over 10lbs in 12 weeks
83% found it to be an educational experience
7/10 said they could sustain this way of living

The biggest challenge for most of us?
Our nutrition!

  • Too many of us are falling into the trap of restricting food groups and then binge eating on the weekends. This isn’t a sustainable lifestyle and it’s one you need to work to get away from ASAP!
  • Shock: There are no “good” and “bad” foods, just foods that are more nutrient dense than others. Eating a “bad” food such as a burger isn’t going to make you put weight on, on it’s own. The reason we gain weight is the over consumption of CALORIES no matter what foods they come from!
  • If you over consumed on calories from the healthiest food in the world, you’d still put on weight.
  • The goal isn’t to limit any foods, it’s to understand that food is made up of macronutrients “macros” and that macros consist of calories. When we control our macro intake, we also control our calories. The beauty? Your macros can come from ANY foods you desire (but we recommend trying to eat nutrient dense foods as much as possible whilst also eating your fave foods daily :) )
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Your macros is just a number

Whilst we recommend you try and eat as much nutrient dense food as possible at the end of the day all that matters is hitting your target macro numbers.

Depending on your fitness goals, your macros will be different and they will be altered each week for 12 weeks if needed (some weeks don’t require changes due to your results being on track).

  • Craving a piece of pizza and it fits your macros? Eat it!
  • Want to have a few drinks with friends on Friday and have a meal out? You can fit that in so do it (we teach you how)
  • You have 45g of carbs left for the day… get that jam on toast you’ve been craving all week.
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Tracking macros gives you the flexibility to…

  • Eat the foods you love whilst still getting results
  • Eat WHEN you want
  • Eat the foods that make you feel good
  • Break the wheel of binge eating and never restrict yourself from food groups again
  • Account for drinking alcohol, nights out, eating out so you can still ENJOY live whilst getting results
  • Have a system that will benefit you for LIFE
  • Never have to go on another “diet” again. Your customised plan with 12 weeks worth of tweaks gives you the tools you need for the long term
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Here's how it works


1. Check your Email

Once purchased, you’ll get an email with links to your nutrition blueprint, protein cheatsheet and macros questionnaire


2. Fill the Form

Fill the online questionnaire with the requested information and then submit it


3. Calculation is Done

We’ll review your info and create a custom macros plan based on your details


4. Get your Macros

You will receive your macros in 2-3 working days after having sent the online form

Our Plans

One-off price. No hidden fees or subscriptions.

Macros consultation


  • check Your custom macro numbers
  • check 12 weeks worth of check-ins with Ryan Libbey and/or Dr Paul Rimmer. This enables us to ensure you will reach your goals by tweaking your numbers until they are perfected
  • check Our Nutrition Blueprint
  • check Our top 19 high protein snacks based on how many grams of protein per £ spent (to ensure it’s affordable!)
  • check 72-hour email support
  • check Access to Certified Personal Trainers, Fitness Nutrition Specialist & PhD in Nutrition
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The Complete Transformation Package


  • check Everything in the "Macros Consultation"
  • check 3 Workouts a Week
  • check Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Group
  • check One-off price
  • check Over 75 HD videos showing you how to do every exercise
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The Complete Transformation + Package


  • check Everything in the "12 Week Strong Package"
  • check 10 week at home workout plan (value £49.99)
  • check 8 Week strong V2 plan (value £49.99)
  • check 8 Week Partners Plan (value £49.99)
  • check 10 Resistance Band workouts (Value £20)
  • check Signed copy of my book “Live Well With Louise”
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Our members have had incredible transformations!

Katharine Sly

49 Years Old

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"I am 49 I will be 50 in December which was a big incentive to lose weight.⁣⁣

I weighed 9 stone 4lbs in January & weigh 8 stone now I am trying to lose a few more lbs. But have lost 4 inches around my stomach & my legs & arms are much slimmer now too.⁣⁣


I am only 5ft.⁣⁣


I saw your LLL Louise plan on Ryan’s Instagram at the time I was doing CrossFit but was training nearly every day & overeating as I was so hungry.⁣⁣


Every Easter I go on holiday with a group of friends & our kids, my friends are all very fit & skinny & I was determined to lose weight so the first picture was in January & the last one in the bikini was just before I went on holiday at the beginning of April 12 weeks after starting the program.⁣⁣


I have not been able to lose the weight around my stomach since having kids & am so happy & confident now.⁣⁣


Am on my last few days before going on holiday & my target was to get into a bikini without being an embarrassment to my kids!⁣⁣

I think I have achieved this I also got into a size 6 pair of jeans so very happy.


I never going to be stick thin but am a lot healthy & fitter than I was 3 months ago.⁣⁣


Thanks so much for all your help :) ⁣⁣


And good luck to everyone else who is just starting this program xx"⁣⁣

Olivia Godfrey

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"Hi everyone! Coming to the end of the 12-week plan now so wanted to post my final progress pics! Thanks so much, everyone for all the motivation and support, and especially to Louise, Ryan and the team for creating something so manageable and inspiring as you can see my suitcase is all packed and ready for my holiday tomorrow where I’ll be showing off my new abs! I hope everyone else is enjoying the plan as much as me, it looks as if everyone is doing amazingly!⁣

I’m so proud of my results and generally feel happier and healthier. Joining this plan has made a huge positive impact on my life so thank you to everyone involved"⁣

Hennie Marman

39 Years Old

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Start weight 64kgs / midway 63kgs but a lot more muscle

My motivation / journey so far: I have always been very athletic ( ex comp figure skater) but in my early twenties i stopped, lived the life, had two kids and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and endometriosis.

That sent me down a negative spiral both mentally and physically and although never really overweight, i got weak, flabby and struggled with imbalances. I got tired of being unhappy and took up cardio and light weight training. It made a huge difference and i started getting ‘head happy’ again and earlier this year i wanted to kick it up a notch. Ive been following your IG for a while and have loved following your journey so when LLL program popped up, i joined without hesitation.

I got stuck in for the first few weeks but lost motivation and struggled for a few months but started again 8 weeks ago and loving it

Sara Johnson

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"Just wanted to share my progress since I completed the 12-week plan. 1st pic is 10 weeks after having a baby. Started program by 2nd pic and loving my results. I've gotten muscles I never knew I had and I was able to grow my flat butt! all workouts I've done at home while my baby watching. ⁣

I'm super motivated to keep going and getting stronger every day! ⁣

Keep on sweating you all it will pay off"

Tilly Lewis

25 years old

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"I’m 25, I started the strong program because I was unhappy with my body, I was mentally drained and exhausted and well, honestly I just got really comfortable in my relationship. ⁣⁣

Then the 12-week program came into action, and now I LOVE going to the gym, I LOVE eating healthy foods and I LOVE meal prepping! I wake up most mornings around 5am and go straight to the gym, this does result in an early bed time of 8pm most nights though.. ⁣⁣

I’m going on holiday in 6 weeks and I can’t wait to see how I look in a bathing suit at the end of the 12 week program. ⁣⁣

Can’t thank you guys enough for making me feel so positive and happy at the gym and in my body again!"⁣⁣

Preema Patel

34 Years Old

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It’s honestly been amazing. I wake up at 5:30am, meditate, head to the gym, then head from Twickenham to Canary Wharf for work (whilst listening to some educational podcast on the commute) and I feel like I have achieved so much when I plonk my toned butt on my chair!

I can’t praise the components (including your workouts) to this routine enough. It really has helped me to balance my day (which consists of looking at tax legislation all day in a high pressured corporate environment) and I can start each day knowing I’ve hit the “self-service” button!

It’s hard work to maintain but the benefit is completely worth it!

Lucy Quinn

27 Years Old

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So I’ve completed the 12 weeks and given I’m going on holiday in 5 weeks I thought I’d try a bikini on for my end pics!⁣

I’ve never stuck to anything for this long before and I’m definitely going to carry on as this is my life style now! I’m 11lbs down and so much stronger ⁣

I’ve increased my weights in the gym more in the last 12 weeks than I have done in the last few years of going to the gym! Feeling so much stronger and that’s due to the consistency of the exercises.⁣

Feel so much better in my clothes and everyone has been complimenting me recently (which I find really awkward to take ) but I appreciate it of course!⁣

I’ve still over indulged occasionally but this programme has helped me drop the guilt and just get on with things and realise that that’s what life is about!!!⁣

Thank you so much Ryan William Libbey and Louise Thompson - game changers!!!

Got A Few Questions?

You’ll notice a change in yourself mentally after only 1 week! You’ll get stronger within 2-3 weeks and your results moving forward after that will depend on the effort you put into each workout. After 12 weeks you’re guaranteed to see some change!
All of my customers will get access to a private Facebook group. You’ll get to ask me and Ryan 1-1 questions along with getting to know other members of the group. It’s more like a family than a group! We are all in this together.
We have a list of alternative exercises you can do, if you can’t do them then get in touch via the Facebook group and Ryan will recommend other alternatives with tips on how to do the exercises
Unfortunately no. You need to track your macros to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. This is the only way to truly lose weight sustainable and long term. Over time, you will get used to the macros in each food and you can then eyeball the foods in the future. But, to begin with you will need to track.
Yes and no. By counting macros you’re technically counting calories but the benefit is you ensure you eat the correct amount of carbs, fat and protein per day. We use a macros based approach because it lets us be flexible with our food choices. If you want that snickers bar, go ahead and eat it. Just understand it will eat up a lot of your carbs and fat for the day. If you’re just counting calories you’ll neglect protein intake and likely consume too much fats or carbs instead.
Once you purchase you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out. In that questionnaire we’ll find out how active you are, your weight, height, training history, goals, food restrictions, allergies etc. Once we have all of this information Ryan and I will create a customised plan for you to hit your goals.
If this is the case then this isn’t the correct plan for you. Effort needs to be taken to understand the concept of flexile dieting and it does require that you do learn how much protein, carbs and fats are in your foods. You quickly get the hang of it and you’ll be able to eyeball it in the future. Aiming to hit a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat per day gives you the freedom to eat whatever you like, as long as you come near your macro goals. Trust me, putting in effort for the first few weeks to understand this and it will pay off big time in the future. It’s a lifestyle change not a crash diet. Diets do not work.
Nope! Diet plans don’t work. Research has shown time and time again people diet then bounce back and put more weight back on. By having macro goals per day this gives you freedom to eat the foods you want. You won’t feel limited or even feel like you’re dieting. I will recommend foods and recipes that are my go-tos so you can follow but they are just there to guide you. If you want to eat a chocolate bar every day to keep you sane then do so, just make sure to account for it.
To lose weight all that you need to do is to eat less calories than you burn. This is known as your maintenance calories. For example, if your maintenance was 1500 calories and you ate 1200 calories a day all from McDonalds, you’d lose weight. But, this isn’t healthy. That’s why we work out the calories you need to eat to hit your goal (below maintenance for fat loss, above for muscle gain) and then we ensure you have the correct macros split to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet. You can however, eat 60-70% of your foods from healthy sources and the other 30% from foods you crave. Over the long term, you’ll stick to this eating plan and get results.
All plans are a ONE OFF payment.
All transactions are handled by Paypal secure checkout.
You don’t need PayPal to pay, you can check out as a guest using a debit/credit card and you don’t have to get a Paypal account after that either.
Paypal payments are one of the most secure payments on the web and it means you’re protected first and foremost.

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