Zara x Trtle 8 Week Training

  • 8-week training plan designed by Ryan Libbey (for strength and muscle gain - home and gym versions available)
    • For the home workouts, you only need a pair of DBs and a resistance band. However, it would be beneficial to have a swiss ball and powerbands too which aren't expensive. We will provide a list of what's needed in the plan.
    • These workouts are not live, you will follow them at your own pace and time. Video demos will be provided for each exercise by Ryan & Zara
  • The workouts are designed to take you through an activation stage to ensure your muscles are fired up ready to be worked. After the activation, you'll focus on the core movements to build muscle and strength followed by accessory movements.
  • You can train all year but if you're not following a structured plan you'll have a very hard time making progress. This 8-week plan is designed to get tougher as the weeks go on but in a gradual fashion.
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Join me for an 8 week journey to more health and happiness

I’ve been on my own fitness journey over the last few years.
Being in the public eye I was being shamed for my body at a certain stage. It’s easy to say “ignore it” but it did impact me. I felt a long way away from being myself. I needed direction.
And that’s what I’ve had in the last year or so. Support from people that care. A plan based on evidence-based science and opportunities to fail and learn. It’s all part of the process.
And I want to let you in on how I managed to achieve this. It was with the help of Ryan Libbey and the experts at!
Their support has been amazing and their holistic approach to health has changed everything for me. My mindset, training form, relationship with food and so much more.
I’ve spoken to them to see if I could share this plan with you and they’ve agreed!
So here it is the Zara x Trtle 8 week training plan so other people can get strong, fit, and healthy in a sustainable way
The workouts are not live. You will do them at your own pace. There's 3 workouts per week.
No, it's a one-time payment of £19
This plan is for you if you want to lose fat, maintain or build muscle!
All you need are a pair of DBs and a resistance band and this plan will be super effective from home.
You'll get access to our Trtle FB group for more support and an awesome community


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