Festina Lente Medallion – 2 Pack

Festina Lente - Make haste slowly.
Why 2 coins? We firmly believe that this is a phrase that as many of us as possible should live by.  That's why we're encouraging you to take one and give one.

The meaning of the phrase is that we should live with urgency today but not rush. We should balance making the most of today but have patience with our results. We should focus just one day at a time. One focused day lived with urgency.
Why urgency for today? Well, today is the only time you ever have or will ever have. The part is gone. The future is kept for you. You only have today, this moment; live it with urgency but patience with what you can achieve.
It has been adopted as a motto numerous times, particularly by the emperors Augustus. The first roman emperor.
"Let us this time take the middle course. Make haste slowly: that was Emperor Augustus' motto." Gothe
Remind yourself that all it takes is one day at a time. No matter how big the obstacle or how tough things can get, we can only get through it a day at a time.
Use this coin to ground yourself in the present moment, and focus on what's in front of you, focus on today.
Because today is all we ever have.
Coins will be delivered in 5-7 days from date of purchase