Clear Whey Hydro – Tropical

  • 20g of the highest quality protein per serving
  • 20 servings per tub
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate (no irritation or bloating)
  • Tastes like your favourite squash
  • Directions
    • Mix in a shaker or blender with water
    • Leave it for 60-90 seconds to settle
    • Enjoy!

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The Cleanest Whey On The Market

Not only is our Whey Protein Hydro the best quality there is, but it's also a revolution in how whey proteins taste. No more milky protein drinks. Our Whey Protein Hydro is refreshing and comes in 3 summer flavours - Watermelon, Tropical & Summer Berries. As refreshing as your favourite fruit drink. Think of your number 1 squash but 20g of the best quality protein included and no fats, carbs, or sugar! A recent technological breakthrough in whey protein means it's even easier for us to consume protein without forcing down milky drinks or protein bars that contain too much fat and/or carbs. Whey Hydro with its pre-digested constitution also reduces the bloat, irritation, and digestive issues. One of the most common complaints with whey protein drinks is the after-bloat.  


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