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Written by scott flear

You’re going to fail.

Now what?

I see a lot of posts about people hitting the weekend and “failing”.

Or missing a week of workouts and thinking they are a failure.

You never actually fail unless you stop. Failure is something you need to get used to.

Thomas Edison tested 6000 different filaments before he found the one that created the light bulb, 6000!

Imagine “failing” 6000 times.

There is a case that genius is simply persistence in disguise. Sure seems so with Edison!

If you’ve seen “the last dance” on Netflix (if not, watch it) you will see the greatest basketball player at work.

However, he’s missed over 9000 shots himself. But he says, that is the reason why he is the greatest.

So what if you made a “mistake” on the weekend or made a mistake with your tracking or workout.

You were wrong, so what!

Why should it upset you? It wouldn’t piss off a scientist; infact it would help them!

So don’t worry if you’ve not nailed this new lifestyle, you probably never will.

But you will keep failing and keep learning.

Working at it works, it’s that simple.

Even if you’re moving slow, you’re moving.

Momentum is what matters, and you can kick start that momentum whenever you want by taking a small action. Don’t hope for motivation. Just get to it.

Quitting isn’t an option.

It’s okay to feel discouraged, it’s okay to feel down, but it’s not okay to quit.

In Silicon Valley, they work off a model called “MVP”

The “Minimal Viable Product.”

This comes from the book “the lean startup” for anyone into business here.

It went against everything corporations thought about launching a product.

Lots of time planning, perfecting, researching, and thinking.

Then the big launch and flop!

The MVP model states you launch at the bare minimum needed to get feedback, to fail, to then learn.

You learn by failing, and you start small.

In health and fitness, you don’t need to perfect an entirely new lifestyle before you start. You learn nothing from sitting on the sidelines devising your plan, you learn by taking park, taking action.

Just start, go with something small.

Try macros and only focus on your protein goal for the week, forget carbs and fat.

Okay, you’ve used our macros app; you are failing and getting better. You finally hit your protein target.

Now you move on to refine your carb and fat intake, boom, worked through it.

What’s next for you? Build those 10,000 steps into your routine?

In essence, you are your own product, start with the MVP model if it’s too overwhelming to go with everything at once.

And if you fail, there’s not much you need to do but a few tweaks to make progress.

Eventually, you’ll get there.


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